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Dominika Kossowska-Janik, M.A.

University of Warsaw
Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Centre
Ph.D. student

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Fields of interest

  • Archaeology of Central Asia and the role of the Silk Road in cultural processes
  • Weaving
  • Archaeology of the New World

Trenches supervised at Gurukly Depe

  • 5 M
  • 5 N

Seasons of research at Gurukly Depe

  • 2011 – 2012 – 2013

Participation in excavations at other archaeological sites

  • Nowy Łowicz, Poland (2009)
  • Petrykozy, Poland (2009)
  • Tell Arbid, Syria (2010)
  • Maucallacta, Peru (2012)
  • Békés 103, Hungary (2015)


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  • 2013 – Religia Indian Tairona, Antropologia Religii V, J. A. Ciesielska, K. A. Sztomberska (eds.), Warszawa, 16-25.
  • 2014 Monety dynastii Frataraka, Roma, Romae, Romae…, tom III i IV, T. Dziurdzik (ed.), Warszawa, 81-93.
  • 2015 Analiza powstawania synkretycznych stylów zdobniczych w Azji Środkowej w VI - VIII w. n.e. na podstawie tkanin z Kotliny Turfańskiej, Studia Azjatystyczne 1 (2015), 35-49.